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Yu-Be Skincare from Japan


It was 1957 when young pharmacist,Yoshikiyo Nowatari, first introduced his now famous moisturizing cream to Japan. With the help of a chemist and a special manufacturing process, he created a glycerin-based moisturizer that would go on to be one of the longest-selling skin care products in Japan and the #1 selling medicated, vitamin-enriched cream on the market.

Mr. Nowatari chose to sell his product as a "medicated" skin care cream so customers would know it was for use on tough, dry skin, as opposed to other "beauty” creams on the market. Generations of Japanese families have used the concentrated formula on all types of dry skin, from split cuticles and cracked heels to diaper rash, and even frostbite! World-class mountain climber and explorer Sumiyo Tsuzuki uses Yu-Be to protect her skin on expeditions all over the world.

It’s no wonder that Yu-Be is one of our best-selling moisturizers and the absolute favorite among our male customers and North Slopers!