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Elizabeth W Vetiver Collection

* photo courtesy of Elizabeth W

Elizabeth W

Elizabeth Wightman, the great grand-mother of the founder of the Elizabeth W line, inspired the brand with her spirit. She founded a ranch in the Sierra Nevadas in the 1800's when neither grace nor style were required or desired. Her spirit of determination went hand in hand with her romantic nature and classic elegance.

Scent is evocative. The strong memories of summers as a kid on Elizabeth’s ranch became the impetus for the collection’s fragrances: violets, roses and magnolias growing on the property and lavender, rosemary and sage from her kitchen.

The Elizabeth W fragrances seek to touch the individual. They are clean, simple, and sophisticated. They reflect an emphasis on quality and beauty, valuable lessons passed down through the generations from Elizabeth Wightman herself.

Elizabeth W Soap

* photo courtesy of Elizabeth W