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Bed Head

Renee Claire grew up in a small town in southern Ontario, Canada. She spent time in the cold winters sewing clothes for herself in the basement, honing her sense of color, pattern and cloth and dreaming of being a clothing designer, living the California lifestyle as seen in photographs and on television. In 1981, after college, Renee decided to load up her van with her few possessions and head to Los Angeles to design dresses and outwear.

In the late 90's she saw a pair of pajamas in the window of a boutique and thought, "I could top that!" After scouring the marketplace she quickly realized that the current pajama offerings lacked sophistication and fine tailoring. She quickly learned how to make her own colored and patterned cotton textiles. As a consequence, Bed Head was born!

All Bed Head Pajamas are made here in the US, beginning with their very own colored and patterned textiles and made with a tailored fit in mind.