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Bra Fitting Tips

At About Face, we don't just sell Lingerie, we love lingerie, and we think you should too. Face it though, if your lingerie doesn't fit right, it won't look right, and it definitely won't be as comfortable as our fine lingerie was designed to be.

So, we've put together a few tips to help our customers find their perfect fitting bra. Of course, you can always come in to the store where our knowledgeable staff will help you find your perfect fitting bra. Each brand has their own unique fit, so you will often find that you will require different bra sizes in different brands. In addition, the same bra style is constructed differently for different sizes within the same line.

For larger cup sizes, a quality bra will have fabric reinforcements in the band and sometimes in the cup. Larger cups will often have additional seams to provide more depth and curve. An underwire may be wider with less curve. Straps may be set differently to provide additional support. Straps and band may be wider on larger bust sizes. These differences are determined by the cup style, band size, and cup size.

Guidelines for a Perfect Fitting Bra

Proper Bra Fit - Front

A proper fitting bra (see photos)

  • The sides of the bra should lay comfortably against your skin.
  • The bra should remain in place with your movement.
  • It should not cut into your sides or cleavage.
  • The band should fit below the shoulder blades and parallel to the floor.
  • Your flesh should fill out the cups without spilling over.
  • You can fit one finger between the bra and your flesh comfortably.
  • You fasten it at the loosest setting when it is new (so you can take up slack as the bra stretches over time).
  • Your breasts are lifted and point forward.
Proper Bra Fit - Back

A bra that is too large

  • Cups pucker (you may need a different cup style)
  • Band rides up in the back
  • Straps cut into shoulders

A bra that is too small

  • Your cleavage spills over the cups
  • The cup cuts into your flesh
  • The band cuts into your sides and back
  • Underwire does not lie flat against the rib cage