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Clo Intimo

In Medellin, Colombia, Claudia Ochoa was raised among sewing machines, fabrics, trims and workers who toiled to produce quality garments. Young Claudia absorbed the love of design and undying ambition to design her own collections and take over the fashion market, one pair of lace panties at a time. After graduating from Colombia’s foremost design school, and working for ready-to-wear fashion houses in her native country, she moved to New York City.

The rest, as they say, is history.

By creating fashions that appeal to the lady in the lingerie, Claudia has perfected the art of designing pieces that successfully heighten a woman’s sex appeal through the building of natural confidence. CLO’s fabric softly hugs each curve and accentuates true femininity. The benefactor of this confidence is not only the wearer herself, but those who look upon her, absorbing and innately responding to sexuality exuded. In essence, CLO lingerie is designed for the woman. Men simply reap the benefits.

We couldn't agree more!

Clo Intimo Fortuna Bralet

* photo courtesy of Clo Intimo

Clo Intimo Fortuna Chemise Azul

* photo courtesy of Clo Intimo