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About Face produces short films on occasion to showcase the store or certain lines, and instructional videos on topics like proper bra fit and selecting bridal foundations for under the gown.

Although these videos mostly appear elsewhere on our site as well, all videos can be found here along with short descriptions of each. We hope you find the short films fun and entertaining, and the videos educational. Enjoy!

*Be sure to click on (and light up) the "HD" at the bottom right of the player to experience this at its best quality (requires a high speed connection, i.e., >5 Mbps).

Raw Earth Wild Sky

We shot this film at Beluga Point, just south of Anchorage, Alaska, on one of so many beautiful evenings along Turnagain Arm. It was filmed to showcase a new line called Raw Earth Wild Sky, so fitting for Alaska. We hope you enjoy this film, the clothing and the scenery. We created an alternate cut of this video with the song "The Scientist" covered by Tyler Ward, Kina Grannis, and Lindsey Stirling.

Around the Store

For some time now, we've been providing photo vignettes taken from around the store to the delight of our followers on Facebook and Twitter. We decided to put together a short film or your enjoyment. We hope you enjoy the film... and you might want to turn up the volume!

Bra Fit Instructional Video

We've produced a video to help our customers understand what constitutes a well-fitting bra. Research shows that 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. This almost certainly leads to discomfort, fatigue, and a shortened life for your bra. Find out more on our Bra Fit page. If you haven't already, you should stop by soon for your own personal professional bra fitting.

We hope you find this video helpful.

Bridal Foundations Instructional Video

We've produced an "Under Your Gown" instructional video entitled Bridal Foundations to help our customers understand the many options available to them for foundations worn under their wedding dress. Although there are myriad options for bridal foundations, not all of them are available in difficult sizes, or will work with certain dress styles. Find out more on our Bridal page. Enjoy!