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On this page, you'll see what customers are saying about About Face. You'll find testimonials provided by our customers and some of our staff's own favorites. We'd love to hear from you and we've made it even easier with our new Contact Us page. We ask that you take a few moments to let us know how we're doing, and how our products may have solved a particular problem for you. We will post some of the most helpful comments and testimonials here for others to see. Or join the conversation on our Facebook Page

About face truly improved my quality of life!

"I used to have back muscle spasms due to years of incorrect bra fittings. Then someone suggested About Face to me and the customer service was amazing! They always have beautiful bras in my size and I no longer have back spasms! About face truly improved my quality of life!"
-- Jessica L. (via Facebook)

Professional and knowledgable staff!!

"Excellent personalized service and attention to customer satisfaction, discreet, professional and knowledgable staff!!"
-- Rhonda C. (via Facebook)

Great staff and beautiful lingerie!

"Great staff and beautiful lingerie"
-- Taylor L. (via Facebook)

Awesome experience.

"Awesome experience. Wonderful, helpful staff and a definite new favorite store."
-- Mariah J. (via Facebook)

Georgeous products and outstanding customer service.

"Lindzey was incredibly helpful, very informative, completely patient, and helped me be more at ease right from the beginning. I was dreading my visit to get fitted for a bustier and left the shop totally happy with the solutions offered, the advice, and the correct fitting bras including the bustier. I have never had a proper fitting, and came away very pleased, amazed, and totally blown away with what a proper fit would be like. I will definitely go back to About Face and whole heartedly recommend everyone stop by for a proper fitting! Georgeous products and outstanding customer service."
-- Bryn H. (via Facebook)

Consummate customer service!

"Just left the shop. Lindsey brought me EVERY bra in my size as we slowly narrowed down my favorites. Consummate customer service! And I'm pretty sure she remembered the bra I bought LAST YEAR! Will be back :)"
-- Leah D. (via Facebook)

I LOVE and recommend this place to all of my friends!

"I've been in a few times and every time I go in the ladies are amazing. I have a very large cup with a tiny ribcage and this is the only place I've been to that 1) knows how to size correctly and 2) has bras that fit me in stock and they are gorgeous and also extremely comfortable. When I go in the ladies usually end up bringing me every bra in my size and sometimes ones in the next cup size up. They are always super patient and really happy and cheerful. I LOVE and recommend this place to all of my friends especially my buddies with an odd size like me."
-- Tammy N. (via Facebook)

Very kind & helpful customer service.

"Very kind & helpful customer service. Glad to have discovered this place as another shopping option."
-- Angie F. (via Facebook)

Left the store very pleased and perky!!!!

"Great service, didn't know I'd been wearing the wrong size bra for years. Leann found me the perfect sized bra's, left the store very pleased and perky!!!!"
-- Tammi J. (via Facebook)

10 Stars!

"Always the most fabulous "things" in the best size! 10Stars!"
-- Melissa V. (via Facebook)

I've found my lingerie shop in Anchorage!

"I went in today and the workers were helpful especially Lindzey. European brands, nothing of that over padded stuff other stores sell. I walked out with a beautiful piece and some free goodies in my bag. I've found my lingerie shop in Anchorage!"
-- Clara B. (via Facebook)

Sooooo love your store!

"I am not sure if I gave you my birthday information or not but sooooo love your store; your employees; your fabulous selection; and prices! I refer everyone I can to you as I think you are providing a great service!"
-- September C. (via E-mail)

There isn't any other place I would want to go for gorgeous lingerie!

"I think it is awesome how dedicated you all are in providing a wonderful customer service experience. There isn't any other place I would want to go for gorgeous lingerie! Everyone is always so very kind! It makes coming from the East side of town worth every mile! Looking forward to future purchases as I'm always happy with my purchases!!! Thank you About Face!!"
-- Kenya S. (via E-mail)

So nice and obviously knew what they were talking about.

"The ladies who helped me were so nice and obviously knew what they were talking about when it comes to a bra. The one I left with fit SO well and was gorgeous to top it off."
-- Cleo A. (via Facebook)

What isn't there to love!

"What isn't there to love about Shane & Leeann Taylor and the About Faces babes? Oh yeah, and love that there are styles for gals on the A Team like moi. :)"
-- Charity B. (via Facebook)

I trust About Face.

"I trust About Face for my skincare needs, make-up wants & lingerie must haves!"
-- Leah G. (via Facebook)

A beautiful shop.

"A beautiful shop with great customer service!"
-- Kaija A. (via Facebook)

Highly recommend!

"I have to say I was PLEASANTLY surprised wandering in this shop the other day for the first time looking for a gift and ended up wanting everything for myself!! It has a bit of everything! The staff was also very helpful and sweet! Highly recommend!"
-- Jamie F. (via Facebook)

Thanks again for your fantastic customer service.

"Thank you a hundred times over for your help today finding my new bra size. I'm wearing one of the most beautiful & comfortable bras I've ever owned. Thanks again for your fantastic customer service. See you all again soon I'm sure. : )"
-- Devon H. (via Facebook)

Thank you for your wonderful care.

"Leeann, I just wanted to thank you for your help in finding facial products. They are working quite well and it really didn't take long to see a difference. Honesty I wasn't expecting any change just wanting to take better care of my skin but I won't complain. Thank you for your wonderful care."
-- Jami K. (via Website)

I love my new bras and I feel more confident and comfortable than I have in years.

"I had a great experience shopping at your store this past weekend! I'll never go back to Nordstrom's again! I told your sales-people exactly what I wanted, and instead of being told what I SHOULD want (like Nordstrom's employees do) I was encouraged and accomodated. T-shirt bras are impossible to find in my size, but I was given several to try on within 5 minutes of walking in the door. I love my new bras and I feel more confident and comfortable than I have in years."
-- Kate S. (via Facebook)

You’ve made my day!!!

"Thank you for such incredible customer service About Face, you’ve made my day!!! "
-- Shea A. (via Facebook)

I love stopping by and picking up goodies!

"Thank you for all your help yesterday lady! I love stopping by and picking up goodies! Have a great week About Face fam! xo"
-- Charity B. (via Facebook)

It is nice to be wearing something comfortable!

"I came in a week or so ago and got fitted for bras. I left with a couple bras and could not be happier with the way all the bras fit. THANK YOU so much! It is nice to be wearing something comfortable."
-- Rebecca M. (via Facebook)

Impromptu Shopping Spree

"There's nothing like a little impromptu shopping spree to make you feel pretty. Thank you! ♥"
-- Kirsten N. (via Facebook)

Beautiful store on Dimond

"Beautiful store on Dimond, glad I stopped in today!"
-- Bev B. (via Facebook)

One of my favorite stores to shop in.

"I love that you guys have a wide range of sizes! One of my favorite stores to shop in. :)"
-- Rebecca V. (via Facebook)

I felt so pampered!

"I appreciate your professionalism and outstanding service. I felt so pampered! Thank you so much for your help and I can't wait to come back again!"
-- Michelle B. (via Facebook)

Your products surely brightened my Christmas!

"Have a wonderful holiday! Your products surely brightened my Christmas! My lips and cuticles forgive me for living in this dry place with the Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream. Thank heavens for your gift registry and my mom!"
-- Shena M. (via Facebook)

Your store is the greatest!

"Your store is the greatest! I always get the best customer service and I always find what I am looking for. I am so glad to have this store in Anchorage."
-- Candace W. (via Facebook)


"I'm dreaming of gifts from About Face. But seriously. I'll be stopping by soon, can't wait to peruse the fabulous things you ALWAYS have!"
-- Rachel D. (via Facebook)

Thigh High!

"Best thigh highs Ive ever purchased!" (in response to a Facebook posting about Plush fleece-lilned tights)
-- Brooke K. (via Facebook)

D I V I N E!

"Used my LaLicious body oil last night - D I V I N E! It smells sooooo good, and feels even better! ♥"
-- Stephanie W. (via Facebook)

Thanks for always being AMAZING!

"Love my new purchases. Thanks for always being AMAZING! Also special request for more Freya :)"
-- Kate W. (via Facebook)

Fun, fun!

"I just love my Freya set :) Fun, fun! Thank you for always making my day!"
-- Kirsten N. (via Facebook)

Extremely happy camper!

"I keep bringing more girls in! Just had another friend sized by you and she is an extremely happy camper with her new bra ^_^"
-- Darby L. (via Facebook)

You are the best!

"I love all my bras that I've gotten at About Face!! You are the best!!"
-- Cheryl C. (via Facebook)

LOVE my new things!!!

"Thanks for your help!!!! LOVE my new things!!!"
-- Shelah S. (via Facebook)

I had a great experience at your beautiful shop yesterday!

"I had a great experience at your beautiful shop yesterday! Thank you for your attention and friendly service. I am passing your name on to all my friends!"
-- America D. (via Facebook)

It is so nice to finally find a place that knows how to CORRECTLY fit a bra!

"It is so nice to finally find a place that knows how to CORRECTLY fit a bra! And even nicer that you have my size! It was such a comfortable atmosphere as well! Thank you so much for everything! I have recommended you to all my family and friends!"
-- Jenn W. (via Facebook)

So Glad to Have Found Your Store!

"So glad to have found your store!! For years I have struggled to find bras that fit my petite frame. Thanks to TLBC bras, my days are no longer filled with making sure my bra is in its proper place.

Thank you for providing a place for every woman to truly feel comfortable with her body!" -- Kristina R. (via Website)


"LOVE TOKYO MILK!!! So happy you always keep a supply of it!" -- Jenny T. (via Facebook)

So Excited I Found Your Store!

"So excited I found your store.. can't wait to come visit.. you carry 32H yippee!" -- Angela H. (via Facebook)

I'll take one of EVERYTHING!

"The store looks so great and full of goodies. I just wanted to say 'I'll take one of EVERYTHING!' "-- Janet A. (via Facebook)

Simone Pérèle was like a Religious Conversion!

"You guys turned me on to Simone Pérèle, and as a hard to fit 34E, Simone Pérèle was like a religious conversion! Thanks again for creating such a wonderful shopping resource for those of us who live (sigh, "lived") in the hinterlands. You provide a wonderful service in a comfortable atmosphere." -- Lisa P. (via e-mail)

Finding the Right Fitting Bra -- Every Time

"Just in case I haven't told you guys enough, I love you all so much! THANK YOU!!! You have made my life so much better! Thanks especially to Amanda who will pull every bra out in the store until we find the perfect one! I thank you and my husband thanks you ;)" -- Dani W. (via Facebook)

"I just received the strapless bra you sent to me. As always, I am shocked, amazed and pleased that you find just the right bras for me. This will work great for my wedding dress. I got it a week ahead of time too!!!" -- Marianne H. (via e-mail)

Loving PJ Salvage

"I just picked up some new PJ Salvages and cannot wait to wear them tonight! They are so adorable, I'm making it a movie night just so I can wear them longer!" -- Catherine S. (via Facebook)

PJ Salvage Loves About Face

"PJ Salvage loves Moms & About Face, Inc. - They have a great selection of PJ Salvage for moms & they are in Alaska!!!" -- PJ SALVAGE. (via Facebook for Mother's Day)

I Love Lip Scrub

"Whoa...that chocolate-flavored lip scrub stuff is incredible! Why hadn't I heard of this before? Thanks!" -- Melissa W. (via Facebook)

Voluspa Candles

"The orange Voluspa candle smells soooo good!" -- Taylor L. (via Facebook)

Best Place to Shop in Anchorage

"Just wanted to say this is the best place to shop in Anchorage! I love shopping at your store, and when I'm stressed I come in and wander to de-stress! It's wonderful...even if I don't buy anything...very therapeutic. Thank you for having the most amazing store in Anchorage!" -- Angelyn A. (via Facebook)

L'Occitane Skin Care Products

"For many years, I have had a problem with severe itching, scaling, and redness around my eyes and on my nose. I tried over the counter products and none of them seemed to help. I finally went to a dermatologist who told me I had facial dandruff and that it could not be cured, but controlled. He gave me a prescription for a steroid cream that reduced the itching but did nothing for the scaling and redness. One day my wife and my daughter's suggestion took me to About Face. I told the young lady at the counter what my issues were. After consulting with the owner, she suggested I try a L'Occitane product. She instructed me how to use it and away we went. That has been probably six months ago. It took about a week, but the scales, itching and redness have gone away. At first I thought this product was a little pricey but the relief it has given me is priceless. I am no longer embarrassed to go out in public or notice the scales falling onto the front of my shirt at work. Great product, great store, keep up the good work, and thank you so very much." -- George F.

Whish Shave Regimen

"I have always had such a difficult shaving experience; I was never able to shave without my legs being left with razor burn, I was not able to apply lotion on my legs without the presence of little red bumps, and sometimes was even left with the occasional ingrown hairs. From the first time that I used the Whish collection my entire view on shaving and post shaving completely changed. My legs look and feel amazing - I've actually had people come up to me and ask me what I am using! I no longer have any irritation, my legs are silky smooth, and I also have less hair on my legs as a result of using the Whish Hair Inhibitor.  All of the products are so mild and moisturizing, not to mention that they smell delicious too! It's so great to encounter a product that lives up to it's claims!" -- Brittany O.

Lingerie, Makeup, YuBe, Personal Service

"About Face is my favorite lingerie and make up store, in fact I won’t buy a bra from anywhere else. Leeann and Amanda have been so helpful to see that I purchase a bra that gives me support, is sexy yet comfortable, and the eye shadows, blushes, mascara and lip gloss are the best I have used. I love the YuBe Therapy for my lips and hands; these products help me through Fairbanks' long, harsh winters. I tell all my friends and clients to stop in and experience the wonderful assistance you receive from Leeann and Amanda at About Face." -- Tamara S.

gloMineral Makeup

"For years, I’ve tried just about every makeup – expensive and not so expensive -- in an attempt to find the best product for my dry, ridiculously sensitive skin.  I finally stopped looking when I found gloMinerals  --- their pressed powder foundation is hands-down the best makeup I have ever found!  It gives excellent coverage with a dewy finish.  It is SO much better than Bare Minerals (no cakey look/no emphasis of fine lines), and it actually wears better than Makeup Forever.  The lip pencils are soft and have tremendous staying power, and the gloMinerals eye shadows and lipstick colors are gorgeous!  I never expected to say this about any foundation, let alone a powder foundation.  But gloMinerals has made me a believer  --- in my opinion, it’s the best on the market." -- Charlotte H.

gloMineral Makeup

"Before I started using GloMinerals, I used Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Lancôme, but I was never fully satisfied. My skin was flaring up and I believe it was due to the products. When I first was introduced to GloMinerals I had no clue what mineral makeup was. Once I researched the line on my own with guidance from Leeann, the owner and my supervisor at About Face, I was hooked. The results I saw from using GloMinerals were immediate. I had flawless coverage just using bronzer! Slowly I ventured into using the Sheer Tint Base, which is a light tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone and provides a dewy even skin appearance. The Sheer Tint plus bronzer gave my skin the healthiest, sun kissed look that I have ever had. My skin was immaculate! Plus it feels great to know that the makeup I am now wearing on my face heals my skin and furnishes the healthiest complexion possible." -- Charity B. (staff)