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Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment for Sale

When we built out our South store, we spared no expense in making About Face a pleasant place to shop and escape a hectic world. As part of our business liquidation, we have a trove of Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment, Supplies and Display items remaining that we need to find a new home for. We've placed many of these items on Craigslist.com with a link to this page. We've included brief descriptions here for most items, along with quantities and prices for each, and dimensions where appropriate. There are other items, especially the smaller ones, that are not listed here. Most of our fixtures have been sold, and we thank all of you for finding good homes for them.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the remaining items listed here, please call or email us at info at aboutfaceak dot com and we can arrange for you to see the items, and arrange for pickup and payment. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card. Pick up for all items should be as soon as possible.

  • Hirsh 4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

    4-drawer lateral file cabinet. In excellent condition.

    Dims: 36"W x 52.5"H

    Price: $200

    Lateral File
  • Sanyo Microwave Oven

    Sanyo Microwave Oven, model EM-S7560W.

    Dims: N/A

    Price: $45

    Sanyo Microwave
  • Mannequins

    When we sought mannequins for our store, especially for classic lingerie, we chose the best we could find. We have 2 of our beautiful full torso mannequins remaining in various skin tones, 1 stand, and a bust mannequin.

    Full Torso Mannequin: (original cost: $242) Price: $150 ea
    Bust Mannequin: (original cost: $144) Price: $100 ea
    Mannequin Stand: (original cost: $50) Price: $15 ea

    Mannequin Mannequin Mannequin Mannequin
  • Black Satin Hangers

    We ordered these black satin hangers to match our decor. They are slightly padded, and come with posts on top to hold garment straps. Some come with clips, perfect for lingerie or loungewear, or silk or lightweight knit garments.

    Price: $6 ea, or $100 for 20 Some Remain

    Black Satin Hangers with Clips Black Satin Hangers
  • Wooden Hangers

    We have a large collection of wooden hangers (shirt, suit, pant).

    Price: $1 ea, or $18 for 20, $40 for 50, $70 for 100 SOLD

    Wooden Hanger Wooden Hanger Wooden Hanger Wooden Hanger
  • Office Desk

    This Scan functional office desk consists of a main desk unit with keyboard drawer, 2 drawer file on casters, desktop shelf, left hand corner connector unit, and a credenza. Credenza is to the left of the desk. Desk is in excellent condition. Original Cost: $1,051

    Desk: 60"Wx29"H x 29.5"D
    Corner: 60"W x 29"H x 18"-29.5"D
    Credenza: 48"W x 29"H x 18"D
    Shelf: 60"W x 42"H x 12.5"D

    Price: $400 SOLD

    Office Desk Office Desk Office Desk
  • Roller Drawers

    Under Bed Drawers

    We had 12 of these great drawers custom-made to fit underneath our lingerie cabinets. Two will fit under each cabinet, but they can also be used under beds or any other furniture for convenient storage. They sit on rollers. We have only 3 remaining.

    Dims: 8" H x 21.5" W x 18" D

    Price: $50 ea SOLD

  • Four Way Rack

    4-Way Rack

    These chrome 4-way waterfall racks are in excellent condition. We have only 2 left.

    Dims: N/A

    Price: $95 ea SOLD

  • Bookshelf

    This Scan bookshelf is in excellent condition except for a few surface scratches on one of the shelves. This matches the office desk and credenza.

    Dims: 36"W x 73"H

    Price: $75 SOLD

    Bookshelf Bookshelf Bookshelf
  • Double Rolling Rack

    Double, adjustable height rolling rack.

    Dims: N/A

    Price: $75 SOLD

    Rolling Rack Rolling Rack
  • Fitness Ball Chair

    This fitness ball chair keeps you working on your core as you work at your desk. The ball makes you subconsciously work to keep you core in balance to keep your body upright, unlike a normal flat-bottomed chair which supports your skeleton. It takes a little getting used to, but once you do, you'll be getting stronger every day. You can see details about it here.

    Price: $55 SOLD

  • Cash Wrap

    This custom-designed, custom-built cash wrap is a work of art. It is three pieces, with attached front facade. The countertop is one piece. It is in excellent condition. Original Cost: $7,500

    Dims: N/A

    Price: $3,500 SOLD

    Cash Wrap Cash Wrap
  • Silver Platter

    Silver Platter

    This tin-clad copper platter is handcrafted in France. We have three of these.

    Dims: 16" Dia

    Price: $70 ea SOLD

  • Print

    Print on canvas

    Dims: 22"W x 28"H

    Price: $20 SOLD

  • Hand-made Lotus Oyster Shell Lights

    Hand-made Lotus Oyster Shell Lights

    These three hand-crafted light fixtures have been hanging over our cash wrap since 2008. The exterior is made of thin pieces of oyster shell connected together in an intricate pattern. They take standard small wattage bulbs. They are currently wired with a plug, but have adapters to attach to a track.

    Dims: Approximately 24" Dia

    Price: $275 ea SOLD

  • Bar Stool

    This classic leather bar stool with will look good in any decor. It is sturdy and in excellent condition.

    Price: $50 SOLD

  • Maple Ikea Wall Cabinet

    Maple Ikea Wall Cabinet

    This beautiful Ikea Wall Cabinet has a frosted glass front and a door that opens up and out of the way. A thoughtful design like only Ikea can do. On the inside is a divided space, each side having its own glass shelf.

    Dims: 24"H x 47"W x 14.75"D

    Price: $200 SOLD

    Maple Ikea Wall Cabinet
  • Maple Finish Custom Wall Panels

    These gorgeous custom panels were made for us by local craftsman (artisan) Keith Halsey. Our wall panels are made up of 4'x8' sections, each independent and which hang on the wall from a single attachment hanger, easily lifted off when unloaded, and easily installed, and very, very solid when loaded. They are fitted with industry-standard slot-wall standards that take a wide variety of accessories, which can be seen in our store and in the following photos. Keith made us matching shelves, both full width and half width, which can be placed anywhere on these walls. We have three corner panels. A couple of the panels are less than 4' wide. We have a vast selection of accessories to handle a wide variety of display needs. We hope to find a good home for this work of art, perhaps in various homes in Anchorage, or in another retail space. They are extremely flexible in how they can be configured. Original cost: $10,800.

    Dims: Full Size Panel - 8'H x 4'W

    Price: SOLD

    We will also sell in pieces to multiple interested parties, priced as follows:

    Wall Panel (Full Size 4'x8') (Qty: 12): $300 ea
    Wall Panel (Corner) (Qty: 3): $250 ea
    Wall Panel (Abbreviated) (Qty: 2): $200 ea
    Wall Panel (Short) (Qty: 1): $150 ea
    Floating Shelf (Full Length) (Qty: 9): $85 ea
    Floating Shelf (Half Length) (Qty: 3): $65 ea
    All Chrome Panel Accessories (over 400 pcs): $950

    Maple Finish Custom Wall Panels Maple Finish Custom Wall Panels Maple Finish Custom Wall Panels
  • Newwood Shelving Unit

    Newood Designer's Choice Shelving Unit

    This gorgeous custom-designed piece is large, solid, and extremely well-built. The middle section contains cubes, perfect for books and other items in the home or retail store. The end units have sturdy adjustable shelves and have a sliding-door compartment at the bottom. The unit has a maple finish, and is in mint condition. Can be disassembled. You can read all about this unit and its possibilities at Newood's Web Site or in this Designer's Choice PDF. Original Cost: $3,200.

    Dims: 7'9"H x 12'W x 24"D

    Price: $2,500 SOLD

    Newood Shelving Unit
  • Ikea Steel Drawer Cabinet

    Ikea Varde 3-Stanless Steel Drawer Cabinet

    These beautiful cabinets are perfect for any kitchen. Butcher block tops, maple legs, and three heavy-duty stainless steel drawers. We added rubber casters, which can be removed.

    Dims: 42"W x 36" H x 26" D

    Price: $325 ea SOLD

  • Black Display Shelf

    Tower Display Unit

    This classic wood shelving unit consists of 2 tower shelves and a center console table. All three have drawers and shelves, and all surfaces are in excellent condition, protected in store by black non-slip pads. Dims:
    Towers: 72" H x 20" W x 20" D
    Console: 36" H x 36" W x 15" D

    Price: $1,200 complete set SOLD

    Black Display Shelf
  • Brushed Nickel Standing Wall Rack

    Brushed Nickel Standing Wall Rack

    This rack is unique in that it can be free standing or placed against a wall. It is designed so that you can add shelves, rods facing forward, or a rod across the front. It accepts standard slot wall accessories.

    Dims: 95"H x 50" W x 16"D

    Price: $150 SOLD

  • Big Chair

    Our Big Comfy Chair

    We scored this giant chair at Furniture Classics back in 2008, and it has served us well. Men who accompanied their girlfriends/wives to our store loved it, and so did kids. It's a beautiful chair, but has a little wear and tear after years of love. It is a "chair and a half" with a classic shape, two pillows.

    Price: $350 SOLD

  • Tade Table

    This tin-clad copper table is handcrafted in France and is as functional as it is beautiful. It can accompany any decor. A great conversation piece.

    Dims:  36" H x 43" W x 17.5" D

    Price: $295 SOLD

    Handcrafted Tade Tin-clad Copper Table
  • Hourglass


    We have two of these beautiful decorative hourglasses.

    Dims: Approximately 9"H

    Price: $32 ea SOLD

  • Stacking Shelves


    These stacking shelf units are fantastic! Stack as many or as few as you need for your display.

    Dims:  16" H x 15.5" W x 15.5" D

    Price: $15 ea SOLD

  • Small Silver Mirror

    Small Silver Mirror

    These hand-painted silvered mirrors are classic decor. We have two, and both are in excellent condition.

    Dims: 24.5"H x 20.5"W

    Price: $50 ea SOLD

  • Large Black Mirror

    Large Black Mirror

    We have two of these beautiful large black mirrors. They've been hanging over our makeup counter for years. You might have seen them...

    Dims: Approx. 27" x 27"

    Price: $90 eaSOLD

  • Apothecary Jars & Glass Vases

    We have a large selection of gorgeous glass vases and apothecary jars, many with decorative tops, in all shapes and sizes. Examples are shown here. Perfect for display in the home or in a retail store.

    Price: as priced SOLD

    Glass Vase Glass Vase
  • White Table

    Steel White Table w/ Glass Top

    This beautiful steel cafe table has ivy detail and a thick, tempered glass top. We used this sturdy little table in the store for displays for years.

    Dims: 24" Dia x 29" H

    Price: $175 SOLD

  • Black Gridwall Components

    Black Gridwall Components

    We have a fairly large collection of black gridwall components for sale.


  • Cubits


    QBits are wonderful little things. They stack, they stand on their own, and they can all be connected together in stairstepped fashion, or any other arrangement that suits you.

    We love these little boxes, and they've been lifesavers for keeping things organized and hidden from view.

    Some have doors with frosted glass and shelf, some have two drawers, some have open faces with an optional shelf. We have only the maple finish remaining. We have legs for most of them also.

    Dims: 14.5" cube
    Maple w/Doors: 4 pcs
    Maple w/Drawers: 1 pcs

    Price: $20 ea SOLD

  • Glass Candy Jars

    Glass Candy Jars

    These classic drug store candy jars bring back a lot of memories. They also double as cookie jars. All have tops. There are two sizes, and both sizes can stand upright, or at an easy access angle as shown. The larger jars have a sit on top, while the smaller jars have a little better seal on the tops.

    Price: priced as marked SOLD

  • Stainless Steel Trashcan

    Stainless Steel Trashcan

    These stainless steel trash cans are both functional and easy on the eyes. They take the standard 13 gal kitchen trash bags, which are hidden completely within the container.


    Price: $20 ea SOLD

  • Refrigerator

    Sanyo Refrigerator

    This Sanyo refrigerator is the perfect size for the office, or as a wine cooler. It has a small freezer compartment that is sufficient to keep things frozen or to make a couple trays of ice.

    Dims: 33.5" H x 18.5" W x 18" D

    Price: $75 SOLD

  • Canon MP830 Printer

    Canon MP830 Color MF Printer

    This Canon Multifunction color inkjet printer is fast and accurate. It will scan, fax, copy, and print in color. Extra ink cartridges included.

    Price: $40 SOLD