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Pinch Provisions

Nine years ago, Georgette Kaplan founded their survival kit company—Ms. & Mrs.—with a simple slogan: “Emergencies suck. We’re here to help.” Since then, they’ve rescued the masses from millions of beauty blunders, grooming gaffes, and fashion faux pas.

But along the way, we noticed that the name of our Chicago-based, mother-daughter company was a little hard to pronounce. People might have seen Ms. & Mrs., but they would say “Mr. & Mrs.” Or “Mrs. & Mrs.” Or something else altogether. We decided that the tongue-twisting had to come to an end. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Pinch Provisions. We will remain the same trusted company, and continue to make the same indispensable products. But now we’re proud to have a brand that reflects precisely who we are: the leading purveyor of personal care kits and emergency essentials.

We here at About Face know for a fact that these products are well-loved, since we can hardly keep them on our shelves.

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit

* photo courtesy of Pinch Provisions