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Abyss products are manufactured in the traditional "couture-house" way, and are cut, sewn, and hand-finished. Abyss' emphasis on the human touch in the production of their towels ensures exceptional quality across the entire line.

Luxurious Texture of the Abyss Towel

Abyss towels are woven in 500 and 700 gram 100% Egyptian Cotton which is known for its exceptionally long fibers, and are soft, absorbent and durable.

These characteristics result in a product that is extremely soft, practically lint free, highly absorbent, and very strong. Abyss towels are bound with signature bias trim. The bias is continuous and finished with elegant curved corners. There is only one hidden seam, thus only one stress point on the towel. The bias trim also prevents the fraying that occurs after just a few washings on hemmed or serged towels.

Finished Edges of the Abyss Towel

Abyss towels are piece-dyed with low-impact, environmentally friendly dyes and are pre-shrunk as a result.

Voted BEST OVERALL TOWEL by the Wall Street journal. The Abyss 700 gram Super Pile towel was tested by Philadelphia University Textile Lab and voted BEST OVERALL LUXURY TOWEL available on the market. Tested alongside other luxury brands, Abyss towels proved to be:

55 Coordinated Colors
  • The only towels that withstood all 50 washings without signs of falling apart.
  • The most color-fast
  • Denser and more absorbent
  • 20% more absorbent than the next best towel
  • Fastest drying of all towels tested.

There are over 55 coordinated colors to match any decor. We carry a full line of Abyss towels, hand towels, bath cloths, and color matching bath mats. We can also special order additional items and colors just for you. We import these directly from the manufacturer in Portugal.