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Pinch Provisions (formerly Ms & Mrs)

Ms. & Mrs. Wedding Survival Kit Closeup

For nine years, Ms & Mrs products have been rescuing people in the proverbial pinch, and our customers love them. And now, they have a new name: Pinch Provisions. Same great company. Same great products. New great name! (We'll update the photos with the new packaging soon).

Pinch Provisions has been the leading innovator of Special Occasion Survival Kits.  About Face carries this hip collection of emergency kits to help you handle those little worst case scenarios that we all encounter on occasion.

The Bridessentials Kit is compact and discreet. It contains 25 essentials to conquer any bridal emergency, including “Something Blue” and stand-in wedding bands. Other items include a compact hairbrush with mirror, clear nail polish, bandages, static cling remover, hairspray, bobby pins, stain remover, and lots more.  Don’t go to the altar without it!

Of course, for the bare minimum, there's the Minimergency Kit for Her designed for A Gals Tiny Troubles. In this minimal little package you'll find clear nail polish, hairspray, breath spray, emery board, sewing kit, deodorant, nail polish remover, stain remover and double sided tape, along with a couple of Advil. Perfect!

Ms. & Mrs. Wedding Survival Kit Image

Ms. & Mrs. Wedding Survival Kit Image

Ms. & Mrs. Wedding Survival Kit Image

Ms. & Mrs. Minimergency Kit