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Bridal Necessities

Fashion Solutions

A woman's lingerie wardrobe is not complete without a few fashion extras. About Face carries a variety of these problem solvers from Hollywood Fashion Secrets and The Natural. These brilliant products include clear bra straps, silicone breast enhancers, bra converting clips, bra extenders, and, of course, the Star Walk worthy fashion tape. You’ll also find our best selling backless, strapless adhesive bra, The Natural Shaper Bra, and other specialty bras for every possible neckline problem!


DIMRS Nipple Covers


DIMRs are the best nipple covers we have found. They are feather-light silicone and completely invisible under any type of clothing. We were especially impressed with just how thin the edges are so that they truly disappear under form-fitting clothes and there’s no painful adhesive! DIMRS are designed to adhere naturally. So lightweight, you'll forget you're wearing them!