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Margaret O'Leary

If you have a weakness for luxurious knitwear then Margaret O’Leary is your brand. Founded in San Francisco, the Margaret O’Leary clothing company is renowned for its rich collections of cutting-edge knitwear. Evolving out of the fog and sea breeze of San Francisco, and now embraced around the globe, customers know and love the affordable luxury of CEO Designer Margaret, who is often found in one of her fourteen eponymous boutiques.

Margaret and her San Francisco design team create collections infused with a relaxed sensibility and a California Chic aesthetic, with just a hint of Margaret’s native Ireland.

Building on feedback from customers at her boutiques, Margaret explores and mirrors the ever-changing West Coast fashion experience. Always produced using the finest yarns, including Margaret’s favorite Scottish cashmere, each piece is made with the care and consideration that comes from a Founder-owned family business.

Margaret O'Leary Cut-away Turtleneck

* photo courtesy of Margaret O'Leary