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We are frequently asked if we carry sports bras, because no matter one’s shape, age, size, or gender—the need for a supportive sports bra doesn’t discriminate! We proudly offer a selection of sports bras available to our entire size range: 28-44, A-J. 

Each sports bra is a testament to its technologically advanced design: athletic-grade material, racerback conversion, and encapsulation support. See, the typical sports bra is sized S-XL. It works to stabilize the breast tissue through compression; which can often be quite painful, especially in an incorrect size. The sports bra styles we offer, besides being conveniently available in your bra size, are designed to keep (and HOLD) the breasts still via the function of encapsulation.

Separation and lift is an added bonus that encapsulation styles provide over standard compression style designs. That’s right, no more embarrassing uni-boob! Many of our customers actually choose to wear one of our encapsulation styles full time because of their superior support, and they get away with it because they still have a desirable silhouette, with adequate lift and separation.

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